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The following are GMan's Observations, Findings, Experiences and Experiments with products for various makes and models of motorcycles.

Aug 29, 2011
-SHORAI, Lithium Iron batteries are added to the best battery lineup on the market for our motorcycles. Shorai fits a long standing hole in the market of smaller than normal size batteries that couldn't be filled by even the smallest, most modified Odyssey battery. Weighing in at 2lbs or less and approximately 1/2 the size of most motorcycle batteries, the Shorai has 270CCA in their most popular model, while some CCA's are higher and some lower.

Aug 9, 2011
-Introduced our Bully FI Controller for the Kawasaki 1700, all models, all years. Welcome to the best performing motorcycle controller on the market!!!!

July 5, 2011
-Suzuki Boulevard M90, Stealth Intake Project, Technical Service Bulletin: Apparently the three mounting rivet bolts we used on the right side to hold the air sensor caused undue stress on some intakes. We will replace all that show any sign of stress, but so far it appears the ill affects were limited to a handful of local applications and all is going very well with the M90 Stealth Intakes!

May 10, 2011
-Center Stand for the VL1500 LC without Hiway Bars application is going well in all beta testing. Look for them on our site when available.

April 5, 2011
-Suzuki Boulevard M90, Stealth Intake Project out on the market and doing great. We are already on the second run of the Stealth Intakes and reviews are excellent!

March 2, 2011
-DL650 VStrom Shop Bike is now sporting our Bully Controller and TRE. What a difference they make in this sweet machine. We plan on more products for the VStrom such as an oil cooler relocate to start. More later, having too much fun riding this one right now!!!

Feb 20, 2011
-Victory Motorcycles Custom Leather Products are moving ahead well. Look for updates in April as we expect to have a Tank Bib and maybe Tank Guard available by then.

Jan 24, 2011
-Suzuki Boulevard M90, Stealth Intake Project finally completed after 13 months of pains taking work. Final testing and Dyno tuning of the M90 Bully to follow. M90 Stealth Intake, M90 Bully FI Controller and M90 Bully Package all offered on Pre-Sale Discounted basis with a scheduled shipping date of approximately Feb 18th, 2011. I expect these to perform as good or better than the similar M109R and C109R Stealth Intakes. After all the M90 is little brother to the M109R.

Jan 10, 2011
-Multi Circuit Breaker Project started nicely. The development of a compact Multi Circuit Circuit breaker setup adaptable to all bikes has begun. The beta test unit has been installed on our shop C109RT under the rigth side cover. It has seven circuit access points a heavy duty power cable connected directly to the positive side of the battery basically eliminating all accessory wires being directly connected to the battery. This unit has a large relay insuring no accessory is powered up until the key is turned on. If the breaker pops it can simply be reset. No need for carrying a variety of extra fuses. if all goes well a smaller even more compact version will be produced with generic positive cablelengths to fit a variety of motorcycles taking care of the power needs of many.

December 30, 2010
-Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Carb Version has been completed , installed and is fully operational. This newer 2.5 gallon version is the first step in reaching our goal of an FI version for the VN1500 & VN1600's. The new 2.5 Gal Version is more user friendly for a variety of after market rear tire sizes and will not only allow for Oil Filter R&R without affecting tank install, but allow for longer oil filters to be used. This new design reflects our most popular and longest running design the LC GTank 2.5 gallon version and we expect it to be as well received by vulcan owners.

Dec 13, 2010
-Victory Cross Country, Cross Roads Leather Tank Bib Project. After a few design reworks we have our forst beta test version of the Victory Tank Bib. Once we have tested this design we will be able to fulfill the long awaited demand for fuel tank protection and the addition of hand made customer leather for these two models of Victory.

Nov 8, 2010
-Suzuki DL650 Project Bike is being outfitted with a Bully Controller and K&N Air Filter to see what we can make this sweet machine do! More to come including a Oil Cooler relocate that doesn't look like an eye sore, plus our sprocket testing and some other refinements we have in mind!
Oct 29, 2010
-Suzuki Boulevard M109R Stealth Intakes get a final refinement to the right side fitment proving to be every bit a power add on as it has for the C109R over the past year or more. Great performance, stealth appearance, fully weather proof and cheaper than all the competition, plus those gov't watch dogs won't be able to tell you just massively improved your M109R's performance!
Oct 26, 2010
-GTank for Kawasaki VN1500 1999 Carb Version goes in for redesign. The current 2.0 Gallon version is being updated to a 2.5 gallon model that will be more oil filter friendly along with allowing for a larger variety of tire fitment combination's. More next month when the beta version is completed.
Oct 12, 2010
-Suzuki C90, LC1500 Center Display Stand for non-Hiway Bar equipped bikes is almost ready. Yes a GMan Exclusive Center Stand for a C90 or LC with no Hiway Bars. Take up less parking space in the shop/garage by parking/storing the C90/LC in an upright position. Making it easier to work on, set things on(be careful), change oil with, etc. Available early November 2010.
Oct 8, 2010
-Suzuki VStrom 650, 1000. Development has started specifically on the VStrom 650 with the VStrom 1000 to follow. We intend to develop the Bully Controller, More Open Intake and several other GMan specific products for the VStrom. The Bully Controller is already in hand and undergoing specific programming with other development to follow. First products should be available in December 2010.
Oct 4, 2010
-Suzuki Boulevard C50, C50T, M50 for 2009+. GMan's Stealth Intake Package for the Boulevard C50, M50 went to market mid summer. Similar in design to the Dual Stealth Intake for the Boulevard C109R, C109RT yet specifically for the new C50, M50 design that started early in 2009. Gman was the first to offer a free flowing K&N specifically for the the new design of the 2009 C50, M50 models. By far the best breathing intake available netting the most power gain with the exclusive Bully FI Controller. The Bully is also new for these 2009 models fitting the newer Fuel Injector Design. Bully by GMan is the only Adjust-on-the-Fly FI Controller and comes pre-programmed for the C50, M50 2009+.
Sept 24, 2010
-Entries starting Oct 1, 2010 for projects currently in development that do not fit into a model specific Blog.

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