GMan's Blog for Suzuki Boulevard C109R

GMan's Blog for Suzuki Boulevard C109R C109RT C1800R C1800RT...  
Starting May 2008 and continuing for almost 6 years!
This Blog Chronologically details GMan's thoughts and wishes along with
actual product development and potential products for this bike during that time frame.

Originally Suzuki had big plans for this bike, but with the economic down turn and bankruptcy of their USA Auto Division they stop importing the C109R... to North America by 2010. They are still a good seller elsewhere making this blog still very viable for those that own or want to own one.

(Blog reads in reverse with oldest posts at the bottom to most recent at the top.)

March 3, 2014

- The Prototype C109R Exhaust System is on the ground running on our generously donated Suzuki 2008 C109R, our shop C109RT was too far away to use for testing) which has already been fitted with our Bully Package(Bully EFI Controller, Stealth Intakes, Custom K&N Air Filters) Look for road test results shortly.

Jan. 5, 2014

- Production of the first Prototype Performance Exhaust for the Suzuki Boulevard C109R, C109RT has commenced! We are anticipating this prototype to be operational for a battery of tests sometime in late February/March!

Oct. 15, 2013

- FINALLY! A donor bike for the fitment of our Suzuki Boulevard C109R, C109RT, C1800R, C1800RT Performance Exhaust System. Design and test version slated to start in production Dec/Jan range. Look for more info as our test pipe gets built and fitted!

March 21, 2013

-Still in need of a 2008 or newer Suzuki C109R, C109RT for fitment and prelim testing. We have been putting the word out everywhere, but so far no one has offered their scoot.

Jan 16, 2013

-NEW PRODUCT - Suzuki Boulevard C90 and VL1500 Exhaust Project is underway. This Performance Exhaust System will be the same 2:1 design with interchangeable Baffles, Decorative End Caps and more. Sound will be deep and not loud at idle or cruise. (Loud Deep Baffles available in the future). Expecting a Early to Mid Summer release.

Dec 14, 2012

-Exhaust System for the Suzuki Boulevard C109R, C109RT is experiencing further delays beyond our control. The company that is able to manufacture our 2:1 system per our specifications is a few thousand miles from our company and the 'Test' bike we had for fitment has disappeared. We are now in the need of a local bike to finalize this system. Updates top follow...arghhh!

July 11, 2012

-Exhaust Update: It appears the recovery from the past few years is going faster than expected for the manufacturing sector. We just received word that the exhaust system for the C109R will be an early release for 2013 by January instead of late Summer 2012. This is very frustrating, but I hear that good things are worth waiting for and since this exhaust system is going to be great it is really, really worth waiting for. Think of how great this new system will be!

June 3, 2012

-Exhaust Update: Working a few minor changes to accommodate the heat shields and perfecting the collector for this 2:1 system has been a bit more time consuming than expected, but getting there. Doesn't make it easy that most manufacturers that didn't close their doors are several months out on production schedules.

April 12, 2012

-Exhaust System update: Our search has been successful. It's now time to reproduce a 'Fist Article' to make sure we can reproduce this systems sound, performance and quality while adding the much needed heat shields and chrome finishes. Along with getting this first system into their system, scheduled, and made available before it gets too late in the riding season.

March 3, 2012

-C109R Exhaust update: With Prototype exhaust system testing above expectations and with sound levels very deep and manageable it's now time to find the a company that reproduce what we have designed with the quality and integrity for the right price.

Jan 20, 2012

-Exhaust System Project update: Development of a Prototype Exhaust System for the C109R went very well. The Prototype has no heat shields and no finishes, so is a bit ugly, but initial dyno runs and performance tests put this system much better than expected and much better than the RB 2:1 she replaced.

Oct 20, 2011

-Exhaust System update: My personal C109RT is being delivered to our exhaust fabricator next week for system fitment and testing. This process can take a month or more, but is progress in the right direction although i will miss my C, I won't be without a bike to ride. May see how my DL650 VStrom handles the winter weather in the Pacific Northwest!

Sept28, 2011

-After market exhaust system prelim success!!! Found a fabricator that is willing to make our exhaust system and progress is moving in that direction. We have some hurdles to negotiate, but at this time its looking like we will have our own custom GMan Exhaust for the C109R, C109RT by early 2012. More as progress takes place.
Sept 6, 2011
-Well 2nd Exhaust Fabricator wasn't able to fabricate the system we want, but i already have a lea don another fabricator that shows promise. never say never!!!!.

Aug 22, 2011

-Windshield Height Adjusters for the stock Suzuki windshield are now available for both the C109R and C109RT. Raise your windshield 1", or lower it 1" from stock, or simply move it forward 1". All with this simple but very affective GMan Industries exclusive.
Aug 10, 2011
-Heeling progressing well, riding is back up to par for both of us, thanks for all the well wishes!!!
July 14, 2011
-I was unaware of just how strong the Tsukayu Saddle Bags were. My 900 pound C109RT low sided at around 25-30mph and has simple road rash. Top door still opens and shuts just fine and no apparent structural damage to the bag. I am experimenting with a fix and will detail the new bag finish shortly. Seemed unreasonable to simply trash the saddle bag for simple road rash. We'll see very soon.
July 11, 2011
-Two weeks ago the unthinkable happened, it's been 37 years since the last time, but me and my C109RT kissed the pavement at something short of 35 mph. Not on purpose mind you. My heartfelt intentions have and always will be to keep the rubber down, shiny side up. A truck blew a stop sign at 45mph while my son and I were riding about 35mph. We would have been throttling up to around 60mph or so in about a block as we left town on a 500 mile ride home from Canada. We were on day 3 of a 1,400 mile 3 day ride. I suffered from a bit of target fixation while watching my, at almost 30 yrs of age, slam into the side of a truck as the truck blew the stop sign at 45mph+. I remember applying my brakes generously while watching  the collision maybe 10' away, thinking I need to stop NOW! I am assuming adrenalin caused excessive front brake application. Took me several minutes to realize I low sided as I did a judo roll over the handlebars and ran to help my boy. We are both fine, nothing broken except his LC, totaled. My C109RT will be repaired fairly easily. I have gotten back in the saddle, my son will shortly as he searches for a replacement bike. We survived and are doing well!
June 13, 2011
-Update on the Exhaust System Project. Seems our first fabricator just couldn't produce as expected. I know I have high standards which can cause delays in projects at time, but what can I say? I have another fabricator currently determining if they can do what I want and have brought up some interesting possibilities that will only make our design even better. An update will be forth coming as soon as definitive information is available
May 12, 2011
-I believe it's time I found a better fuel filter setup for the C109RT. The need to remove the fuel tank and remove the tank guts will not change but a filter that doesn't cost $50 and take Suzuki 30 days to ship has definitely got me thinking
April 14, 2011
-Corbin Seat for the C109R, C109RT. Even though it's not a product we make, it's one we can get inexpensively. With the larger, deeper, wider passenger seat, to the lower more coddling drivers seat, we like it! Adjustable backrest with options plus heat, if you choose, for me and other Northern cold weather riders! Pick your favorite materials and options from Corbin's site, then email me with your choices for a quote. You won't be's what I ride and have for almost 3 years now.
March 31, 2011
-GMan Custom 2:1 Exhaust System for the C109R, C109RT has been on the back burner in our R&D Dept for a long time. Well, it is now at the forefront of our Active Projects List. Look for an update later this Spring. We are expecting great performance, very deep sweet sound and a look to accent the bike.
Jan 4, 2011
-Radiator Project was a bit more than expected in design parameters and is slated for an update this spring.
Dec 20, 2010
-The Passenger Peg Extenders/Floor Board Project hit a manufacturing issue and is back on track more to follow in the coming months.
Nov 9, 2010
-The Passenger Peg Extenders/Floor Board Project is going into final production and should be available in December. Initial design will be for the Cobra Floorboards, but the Suzuki floorboard version won't be too far behind. New Radiator design and size have been determined and looking at the first beta test version around first of the year.
Oct 8, 2010
-Progress started today on a project left way too long on the 'back burner' in our R&D Lab. A smaller, narrower, more efficient radiator for the C109R and C109RT. Imagine a radiator that actually looks like an integral part of the design of the C109R. More efficient and smaller radiator allowing for an aerodynamic touch to the existing barn door design. Yes a spoiler and chin guard are all being considered as well. Availability is targeted for early 2011.
Sept 24, 2010
-New Website Development has taken up a fair amount of our R&D time this Summer, but today's launch of the site will free up a ton of time and allow some of the projects that have been lagging to get caught up and made available. Yehaw!
Sept 15, 2010
-Narrower, less visible, equally as powerful radiator for the C109R, C109RT among your ideas of cool additions to consider? How about a radiator with a shroud some what similar to the M109R to add style and class to your C109R, C109RT? Have your attention yet? Thought so! That's what we are working on and hope to have available before the end of the year. Add it to your Christmas list and look for updates in the months to come. Sure would be nice to be able to hide that big barn door-radiator without compromising cooling!
Aug 30, 2010
-Iron Butt!!! Well the Bun Burner 1000 that is. I just had to see if I could do it and do it I did. 1,050 miles in 17hrs, 45 mins. From Seattle to Boise and back. The only real limitation for the C109RT is fuel range. Average distance between fill-ups was 175 miles, with one at 192 miles with a strong tail wind. Average MPG's around 43mpg with cold temps, wind and rain, but it was all worth it. If asked I just say I ran to Boise for an Ice Cream Cone, no big deal!
July 16, 2010
-Final Passenger Peg Extenders for stock exhaust complete. Second version for after market exhaust so the right side fits tighter to the bike is being tested and looks promising. Working on the Cobra Floor Board adaptation first then the 2009 Suzuki passenger floor board adaptation coming soon.
June 29, 2010
-Passenger Peg Extenders in final format, less finish, to be tested next week. Newer stronger and much more comfortable than stock for passengers taller than 4 foot!
June 26, 2010
-Performance with the Bully Package and Stealth Intake has been consistently superior at all turns. A 900 mile jaunt in 2.5 days netted mileages form 35-46mpg depending on my right wrist and at every gas fill up took less than the two VL1500 LC, Stage 3 in our threesome, even at faster than posted speeds to make it back to the shop at a scheduled time. Yehaw!!!!
June 2, 2010
-Revised Windshield bag to fit Handle Bar Extenders completed and works as expected. Now to make both version available on the site. Stock riser version as well as extended riser version so access to the opening is much more viable.
May 10, 2010
-Passenger Peg Extenders go into shop for added bracing, fit and finish. Expect mid Summer release, but customer floorboards will need more time, so design will be to fit 2009 floorboards as well as Cobra passenger floorboards borrowed from shop bike.
April 12, 2010
-Stealth Intakes continue to prove their worth in performance and quality. Lost the rear connector screw, note to self, add blue lock-tite to that bolt, per instructions authored for the kit. Even missing that rear intake to motor bolt the intake was stable, strong and showed no signs of fatigue or coming loose. Replacement bolt was not added for several hundred miles due to proximity to shop. All work flawlessly!!!
March 3, 2010
-Testing continues with the Passenger Foot Peg/Board extenders. The right side is a bit of an engineering feat with as afar as it needs to reach around the stock exhaust yet still be comfortable. It's apparent there will be a stock exhaust version as well as an after market exhaust version for those wanting to keep their legs in closer in to the frame than what the stock exhaust will allow. More as tests conclude.
December 30, 2009
–I keep forgetting how hard it is to get projects completed during the last month of the year. When all else fails go for a ride. I have been riding my bike on January 1st as a way to start off the New Year properly for well over a decade and this year will be no exception. It's not so much about the ride, but the fact that we ride. I expect less than 100 miles, meeting/leading 3 groups with 3 separate staging areas ending with an all inclusive jaunt to the local Steak and Potato (throw peanut shells on the floor) establishment for a few hours of eating/conversing then back to the barn. Being in the Pacific Northwest our weather is never predictable and rarely Sunny and Warm. Ice and Heavy snow are our only exceptions to riding this day, so rain gear, warm clothes and a couple pairs of gloves are at the ready and see y'all next year.....LOL
December 14, 2009
–Paperwork cleanup time. Making sure the Handle Bar Risers, Dual Custom Intakes, Bully, GBat, T.R.E., Cruise Control and other goodies have clear install instructions along with the proper clear pictures to make their respective purposes clear and concise. Then on to Passenger Floor Board Extenders and maybe the Extreme GBat for this demanding 1800cc.
November 14, 2009
–It's been a bit frustrating getting the Boulevard C109R's handle bar riser extenders project to market. These risers were completed for a month ago, then went to the finishers for the clear coating. They were rejected 5 times before they were acceptable. They will be picked up on the 16th, they promised they will be perfect this time. I am a bit of a perfectionist and even more so with so many bad attempts occurring to date. I WILL get these finished properly and shipped! I have more things to create for my Suzuki wife is waiting for a good looking set of rear passenger peg extenders and maybe matching floorboards!!!! LOL
November 9, 2009
–The new Stealth Extreme K&N Intakes for the C109R / C109RT have begun shipping out, but weren't without a couple initial the eagerness of our shipping dept to get these filters and intakes in the hands of our faithful customers it appears the first wave of orders were shipped without their small but all so important 'Parts Kit'.....Oops! When we discovered our Oops, we immediately mailed out the parts kit, but for some it was too late and installation using rogue parts and pieces took place for a small bad!!! I would have heads rolling in the shipping dept but I need these pros to continue their daily shipments..... so 20 lashes and floor scrubbing may be the call and better communication for next time!!! LOL
October 22, 2009
–Boulevard C109RT Tires.. After more than 10,000 hard miles on the stock Bridgestone Radial Tires it's time to put some new shoes on her. The 240 rear tire was showing even tread wear all the way to the edges and almost tolerable tread depth but with wet winter riding fast approaching the decision to replace was easy. The front.....well, not so good.. There's been a slight fork wobble when ridden hands free. Also detected was slight cupping, or somewhat uneven wear. Being impressed with the stock tires handling/wear and after inquiries to experienced racing bud's, I ordered a set of the Bridgestone OEM replacement tires.....being on sale on my site also helped a little! ;-> We'll be checking the head bearings for wear and adjustment as well, one can never be too safe!
October 16, 2009
–With the C109RT Riser Project and Intake Project about ready to ship, it's on to the rear foot peg extenders and quite possibly our own GMan Rear Floorboards. Not sure about the boards but the Mrs has been using the Beta Test version of the extenders for over a year. So it's probably time to finalize the version for the stock exhaust and a narrower one for after market exhaust......look for an update in mid-November.
October 1, 2009
–C109RT Handle Bar Riser Project is complete and into manufacturing, then to finishing for it's grain texture and clear coat to match the factory riser finishes as best we can. The 'GMan Risers' will be in presented in pre-sale mode later in October with initial shipments by the e3nd of October. Our Riser Design utilizes the stock risers, adding our 1-3/4" Custom Designed Aluminum Riser between the top of the triple tree and the bottom the risers. All stock cabling remains with no need for extensions or reworking. Any larger of an extender would require many expensive cable changes. We have planned for future accessories by placing two threaded attachment points on the hidden front side of the risers because we could, so now you can! ;->
Sept 28, 2009
–The New C109R / C109RT K&N Intake System will be live on the website early in October in a pre-sale mode, with pricing and availability detailed. All Beta Test results have been excellent. The final design is a completely new air box made of black high temp Lexan, utilizing the stock Chrome Air Box Cover, hiding a new 'Special Projects' K&N Air Filter which not only allows filtered air from the sides, but also from the 'Extreme Top' allowing for twice the air flow as the similar round K&N we initially tested. The result is an air flow very similar to having no filter at all, plus the same all weather protection as the original air filter assembly! Definitely several cuts above the competition for sure! Look for the 'Extreme Intake for C109R / C109RT' on the website in early October
September 15, 2009
–If you want to see the Boulevard C109RT performing lightly in the twisties check out the following YouTube Video. It's me with some gentle twisty action. The setup: A Small Video Camera (to be available soon on the website) mounted on the right side bag with a suction cup attachment. A small group of my friends, and myself, wanted some closeup video of twisties for an upcoming Men's Event at our church. We are on the last day of a 4 day ride, bikes loaded, 7:30am with a chill in the air(under 50 degrees), video starts 1/4 mile from departing the motel. The video is 9 minutes with speeds ranging from 20mph to a bit above triple digits. This is by no means a training video, nor am I encouraging or condoning riding in this style. Just having some fun with the guys and am sharing the adventure....Enjoy! >Click here for the GMan Twisties Video<
September 14, 2009
– The C109RT..... when slightly pushed! May not look like much, but how many bikes can spin the rear tire while lifting the front tire off the ground at the same time?????
August 25, 2009
–C109RT K&N Intake Project is in pre-production and should be available once Beta testing has been completed sometime in September. We are working on two styles of K&N Air Filter for this application. Everything should be a go in just a few weeks. The Riser Extender Project is in for final design review, beta tests went very well, no cable extensions needed. The Riser Extender allows for closer handle bar location, approx 1"-1.5" depending how you adjust your bar angle. The finish will match stock risers and have available attachment points for other accessories you may want to add. This Extender also allows for placement of the Bully FI Controller angled for better reading at all times.
August 13, 2009
–C109RT K&N Intake Mod passing all tests! In a nutshell the K&N air Filters are completely hidden thus protected from rain by the stock Chrome Air Filter Covers all the while completely open to the motor drawing as much air as needed. As a bonus this new intake mod pulls in the chrome covers 1" closer to the motor on each side allowing for slightly more knee room while riding. We're talking adding a K&N Air Filter to each side of your C109R yet retain it's stock look and all weather ride ability. In essence making a C109RT with this setup a 'sleeper'. No one can tell you have upgraded the intake, yet more HP/TQ will be there at your every whim. Performance numbers should reflect the 112hp/125TQ as tested previously with no air filters, or very similar. That dyno test was with the Road Burner Velocity Pro's on the C109RT.
August 5, 2009
–Handle Bar Riser Extenders for the C109R were mocked up in wood last week then sent off to be manufactured in aluminum. After many failed designs I am confident this one will be 'the one'. This riser extender is a one piece billet aluminum that carries the shape of the stock risers while nestled between the stock handle bar risers on the C109R and the top of the triple tree. The space between the risers incorporates an angled surface that will easily fit the Bully or other accessories tilting them for better rider viewing. Finish will match the existing risers and there will be the addition of a couple threaded holes hidden in the front for possible after market bracket attachments just because we like creating more and more accessories for our motorcycles!!!! Beta testing is happening the week of August 16th....look for pictures and updates to follow shortly there after.
July 29, 2009
–Beta Testing Woes!!!! Don't get me wrong the initial Beta testing of the new Stealth Air Intake System for the C109RT is going's the testing that has it's ups and downs! Let me explain. Installed the new air intake system, fired up the C109 and gently rode her through the small streets leading out to a 4 lane open road for some serious throttle grabbing. Turned right punched her through the first three gear, dropped it into 4th and let off the throttle and nothing happened. she was stuck somewhere short of wide open and very close to triple digits. Ouch. i grabbed me some brakes and played back and forth with shifting, brakes and prayer to get her back to the shop in an upright position....with throttle stuck around 3,000rpm and warmed up brakes!!!! After a thorough tear down and investigation I found the ground wire for the Bully which I relocated during the air mod install wedged itself between the idle plate and screw and jamb'd itself in place. All is well now and the testing continues....and me with a few more grey hairs!!!!!!
July 13, 2009
–The new Air Box Intake Mods will be ready for Beta Testing by weeks end. Scrutinizing the second mock-up 2 weeks ago I added a 3rd support which eliminates the poorly designed rubber plunger holder on the stock air box assembly. The New Air Box Mod will have K&N filters open to the inside of the assembly while retaining the stock chrome covers for a stealth look and more functionality than any other setup. The final design will move the chrome cover in about 1" closer to the motor allowing for better leg freedom. Handle Bar Riser Project will have a beta test version available in less than two weeks. Look for the Bully Holder to be an integral part of this new riser design with an easier viewing angle for us C109R riders.
July 6, 2009
–Riding Season is great for testing, product development and creativity, but not so much for settling down and writing about the same. Here's a quick update.... The New Custom Leather Products are live and doing great! The new Corbin Seat is very high quality, very comfortable with a great backrest. Caution on the heated seat option. It should be noted as a very Hot Option that could burn the underside while the sun is toasting your top side!!! Tsukayu Bags work great, but can scratch while your passenger slides across the top getting on and off the pillion seat. What can I say, it's a wide bike!
May 26, 2009
–Check out the pic of the C109RT from this past weekend with the new Tsukayu Bags, Studded Tank Apron and Corbin Seats!!! Ya Baby! The Corbin Seat made a major difference in the ride for both of us. The pillion seat is 1" lower than stock, a couple inches wider and longer reaching all the way to the backrest making for a very comfortable ride. Riders Seat is 1.5" lower with a ton of back support that is adjustable forward and back. More pics will be on my site next week showing the heated seat switches, the custom studded fender bra and tank apron. All the custom hand made leather products will all be available on our site next week from our favorite leather craftsman. The custom Open Air Intake using stock chrome air cover is getting closer to the beta testing stage and should take place sometime in June. I expect great results in the neighborhood of 125ft/lbs of torque and around 112hp.
May 14, 2009
–Pair Valve Block Off Design has been created and is in the Beta Testing mode, with results expected next week. If all goes as planned it will be the simplest design I have seen for blocking the Pair Valve which basically injects air after the exhaust valve creating popping in some after market pipes. This block off procedure does not affect the state of tune of your bike. I am meeting tomorrow with the air box mod engineers to review the design and if all is good authorizing manufacture of a beta test version which could be on our C109RT as soon as late May. Yahoo!
May 11, 2009
–Leather Update: I have just completed a deal with one of the most talented and creative leather experts I have ever met. We met face to face and had a great time sharing creative ideas!!!! Right now we are in the process of including his unique design/creations on our site, so keep checking as all should be live sometime this month. We will be offering Custom Leather Tank Bra's, Fender Bras, Tank Bibs, Mud Flaps, Fringe, Chrome Studs, Conch's and much more all made from his designs and per your specifications. Yes you can have items added, sizes changed and much more to make your new leather product unique to your bike. We believe these Leather Products for your bike will be as unique and of the same quality as the rest of our GMan Products.
May 5, 2009
–Seat Update: Corbin has come through and is in the process of making a beautiful black leather seat with gray welting and chrome studs for the C109RT. To some that may be an overkill but we have a design for our project bike that makes those options a must. We were offered ostrich leather, but opted for the 'heated seat' option instead. Ya baby! Pictures will be on the website when the Corbin Motorcycle Seat arrives later this month. I'll recap the upcoming Leather Tank Bra, Bar Chaps, Fender Bra and other leather accessories next week, and should have more specifics on the intake Mods and Pair Valve Block off design.
April 12, 2009
–Happy Easter! With all the 'Performance Enhancements and more to come, it is time to outfit the C109RT with some 'much desired' riding accessories. First all due respect to Suzuki those stock saddle bags must go! The Tsukayu Company was our selection due to size, shape and ease of operational use. Many like leather bags, but with an all weather rider like myself I wanted a more practical approach. Delivery is slated for the first part of May, stay tuned. Linby Highway Bars are on the radar as they would offer the most variations for leg position, but alas they have not developed a bar for the C109 at this time so my search continues. Next I'm considering a Mustang or Corbin seat, but more research is needed there as a riders backrest is very important to me. My Pull back Riser Project has been rejuvenated after falling on the axe during last Octobers Industry down turn. Look for more info on taller handlebar risers that are an exact match for the stock ones, just longer. The Pair Valve block off plate is getting close to completion while passenger peg extenders are being modified for the new 2:1 Pipes that have really made this bike feel like the powerful bike it really is. Those Velocity Pros are great! New Big K&N Intake system is still in the works but is taking a bit of creativity and some head scratching. Look for it in the near future as well as a way to get more fuel on board. ....and you thought we have done all we can do with the C109......not by a long shot! Stay tuned! ;->
April 1, 2009
–A Big thanks to Suzuki America for their loan of our C109RT project bike for the past 10mos. This has been our long term R&D Project Bike with others slated for the near future. Suzuki America has been very helpful and patient in the light of these economic conditions felt worldwide. They not only kept to their original agreement to loan us this bike for our R&D, but they extended their agreement way beyond what was expected. To top it off they ended up making us such a sweet deal we couldn't refuse but to purchase this bike and make it a permanent fixture in GMan Industries stable. In fact it's official my bike, GMan, and I am far from finished with my creative exploits for this fine riding machine. Thanks again Suzuki America for hanging in there and going above and beyond all expectations........ good job!
March 20, 2009
–It's officially Spring!!! Sorry for the long absence. Had to take a break from C109 Boulevard R&D to finish up the line of Bully Controllers for the Kawasaki. The VN2000 will be on the market next week and the Yamaha line is next. In the meantime I have been doing some playing with my Boulevard C109RT. Took it to a Mens Gathering at a nearby Church, parked it up front next to the pulpit during the event and was asked to start it up and ride' it out when all was over. Remember it's now sporting the Velocity Pro pipes and the sound was so sweet they made me stop for several pictures before I got 10'. As I rode into the parking lot the first car I passed 'twittered' that familiar car alarm 'twitter'. Being the 'conservative' guy that I am I had no choice but to pull in the clutch and give a quick 'twist' of the throttle. Low-and-behold the C109R has officially 'made it' by setting off its very first car alarm to the extreme pleasure of all watching!!!! And you were wondering if I had anything substantive to report? ;-> Look for Air Filter mods, drivers backrest, passenger foot peg extenders and a few more 'top secret' projects in the works in the near future.
January 18, 2009
–Having settled on Stage 2, if you call massive HP & Torque settling, I'm running the Road Burner Velocity Pro 2:1 Pipes, Bully Controller, Stock Air Filter(less rubber intake boots on each air box assembly) and the C109RT ran smooth and strong! Sound was powerful resonating in the middle range of loudness and very, very deep. At cruise I could actually hear the bike running, which was not the case with the stock pipes. On a rare occasion I would get a small pop on decel, but definitely not the norm and definitely fixable when the Pair Valve Block Off Plates are finalized and installed. Fuel mileage on the first test run was every bit as good or better than stock, in my humble opinion, but you decide for yourself. My test run netted me 44.54mpg on a 42 mile loop of divided highways through and around Seattle proper, in light to moderate traffic, speed ranging from 35 a few times to 105mph due to one competitive moment with a Honda (LOL). Average speeds were 70-80mph(not your best speeds for testing mpg's, I know). Fuel was filled and topped off fuel(supreme grade) at the same station, same pump. Temps were a chilly 36 degrees and roads dry. You compare and decide how 45mpg under these conditions compare to stock. I am very pleased!
January 12, 2009
–Some additional info on the Suzuki C109RT gleaned from last weeks dyno runs. Ever want to know where the C109 tops out in each gear and whether it actually has the power hit the rev limiter in 5th gear??? I have your answers: 3rd gear hits the 6,850rpm rev limiter at 99.69mph. 4th gear tops out at 124.69, while 5th gear DOES hit the rev limiter decisively at 150.64mph!!! These are not what your speedometer may read but actual speeds (on a Dyno). The Boulevard C109R has the power to push these speeds without hesitation. No, this was not the stock setup but what I am noting as Stage 3 (RoadBurner 2:1 Pipes, Stock intake box, no Air Filter and no chrome air filter cover). This is as close as I can get right now to what a properly designed K&N setup should be. We are working on me!
January 9, 2009
–THEY ARE INSTALLED!!! We have experienced a few weather related delays, sorry. Next week official numbers, dyno charts and pics will be posted. The Road Burner 2:1 Pipe sound is so deep those standing around after shutting the bike down thought it was still running from the sound of a helicopter passing overhead!. For those into numbers read on.....take a Bone Stock C109 add these pipes and the Bully FI Controller to go from 98hp/99t to 103.1hp/111.25t. Don't stop there. Remove the rubber air box inlet elbow that directs air to the filter and increase to 106.01hp/114.32t. Let's go one better. Remove both air filters, chrome covers check these numbers out 112.18hp/124.96t. These Road Burner Pipes are definite Torque Monsters!!!!!!! Look for more info, details, pics, etc next week on my website. Yes, they will be available for purchase with or without the Bully FI Controller in the coming weeks!
December 14, 2008
–THEY ARRIVED!!! The Road Burner 2:1 Exhaust System for the C109RT we have been waiting for. My initial contact with Road Burner led me to think I might expect a 'test' version of these pipes (for costs reasons), but that is not the case. These are new, shiny pipes and they look sharp! Now all I have to do is install them. Stay tuned, I expect to install and dyno run them before the end of the month. As always I'll report anything and everything I discover. I expect great things from these pipes if they perform anything like they did on the Kawasaki Mean Streak 1600 we dyno's a few months ago. If all goes well we should be offering these in a Bully package for the C109R in the nearest of futures. Dyno runs first, all else after we see how they perform and sound......looks are great already! If I don't get back to this keyboard before Christmas... I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
November 12, 2008
–New Product Review: EZ-CRUZ Throttle Management System. I've had the honor to work with EZ-CRUZ by Kaoko in getting it designed for the C109. I have road tested it and it works great! It attaches to the end of your handle bar and is so stealthy it would have to be pointed out before you would know it was there. It works so easily just by twisting it with your little finger as you twist your throttle which applies just enough friction to hold your throttle where ever you want it. You can easily change throttle position while set and it disengages just as easily. I've had other throttle lock type systems and they are large bulky and change the appearance of your bars. This does not. Yes we are now carrying them on our site and have them for the C90, C50 and just finished proofing them for the LC1500. For more info and some pics check out the Creative Accessories section of this website. Our Intake modification system still in the R&D process more later.
November 10, 2008
–Still working on the more open stealthy type intake mod as noted earlier and still waiting on my new pipes. In the meantime take a look at me and my C109RT on enter in 'C109RT Dragging' and my video should appear. A 25 second video of me and my machine proving that what some have said about the cornering ability of this bike and it's uneasiness of handling is all wrong. This bike is clean crisp and nimble, for me. The video was taken a week ago on a 25mph uphill right hand corner. I entered the corner at 60mph and exited just outside of camera range at a bit more than that. The sparks are being created by Titanium Draggers also known as Lean Angle Sensors attached to the floorboards where the normal contact bolts use to be. I am in no way scraping a part of the bike itself (well at least not a part that isn't easily replaceable). The original intent of the Video was to promote the new larger 'Draggers', but it came out so well and response was so great we posted in on YouTube. I do not recommend this type of riding nor do I promote it. In other words....DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Look for an air intake update very soon. In the meantime.....Enjoy!
October 28, 2008
–Sorry for the slow updates, I have been waiting for the new exhaust system...and am still waiting. Arghhh! The C109Rt has not been sitting during this time totaling over 6,500 miles on the clock since late May and doing great. I want to recap an aspect of this bike that initially was of concern to me, but has proven to be a definite plus after being proven time and time again. It's linked brakes! I was not excited about the concept of linked brakes initially nor the appearance of 4 brake lines clouding the front end appearance, but after several 'panic' style stops (2-up and solo) I can report without a shadow of a doubt this bike will and has out braked almost every bike I have ran with....even to the point that I need to watch behind me in certain braking conditions. An example from today involves Jordan, my son, on his '02 LC me on the C109RT as we were mastering a local country road. The posted 30mph twisties, 40mph speed limit, and we just north of 55 or so, when a loaded dump truck pulled into the road on a blind corner. Not a good situation with any bike. I was in front by about 20', grabbed a handful of brake, and the C109RT dove to an almost immediate stop. Well 5mph is a stop from what we were coming down from. Jordan, 25yr old and a good rider, was not quite out of the corner as much as I when the truck appeared and utilizing the majority of the road to get his '02 Intruder LC 1500 stopped ended up at about a 45 degree angle to everything. It just didn't stop as true as the C109RT or as quick (he ended up somewhat close to the action when all was said and done) This was my latest example as to why the linked brakes on the C109RT warrants an A+++ in my book for innovations that should be on all bikes.
October 8, 2008
–New Pipes should be on their way, not confirmed yet, bu should be. They are a 2 into 1 which should do well for performance and freeing up valuable bag space. More when I get them here, installed and tested. If they free up enough space I am looking at tall, medium width (in hopes to cut down overall bike width)hard black bags. There is some concern about free rear suspension space and the clearance of tighter fitting bags. We'll see. Intake mods are still in the works as that's where I see the Lions Share of gain coming from to get me to the 125/125 at the rear tire that has been my goal. I would settle for 120/120, but only after exhausting all reasonable possibilities. Since I have been getting asked about MPG's all the time, I can tell you that my last ride was 2-up, 65-75mph, minimal added baggage = 44mpg, and as posted before it' s not difficult to get up to 50mpg+..... just slow down, add the Bully Controller and ride on.
September 19, 2008
–The Bully Controller has been making its in-roads with the C109R riders. Completely eliminating that annoying steady cruise surging many have noticed, plus allowing for high mileage cruising regularly topping the 50mpg mark! Although the Bully mounts perfectly between the handlebar risers it doesn't fit many of the 'smaller' cruisers in that same location. To solve this problem I have designed a 'The Bull Holder'. It's a fraction larger than the Bully and will be powder coated aluminum and mounts to any 1" bar. This will fit all the Bully's positioning it in your line of sight while riding which does the most good as most Bully owners know. We now carry a Timing Retard Eliminator(TRE) that works well with the C109 and M109 to give you back the power the factory had deprogrammed from these bikes while in the first three gears. This TRE just plugs in and ride away, really! I have also made mock-ups for an on engine guard/highway bar for the C109R and I should be testing the first pair before the end of the month. These will fit the style of the C109 and allow for foot pegs, and running lights. The first sets will probably be Black powder coated for speed and pricing, eventually being available in chrome. More info to follow shortly.
September 4, 2008
–As you may have noted by now the C109RT progress goes in waves. Lately the bike has sat while I tie up loose ends on development of another Bully FI Controller this one for the Kawasaki Mean Streak 1600. The C109RT has been disruptive for me when I test ride 'other' bikes for tuning purposes. The Mean Streak is a good example......As strong and powerful as the 1600 'Meanie' is, it pales in comparison to the C109RT. Programming of a new Bully Controller requires me to test ride the project bike to make many internal adjustments to the Bully maximizing performance and culminating with dyno runs for the final proofing. Successful calibration of my "seat-of-the-pants" tuning requires me to stay off the C109RT during this period. It's the only way I can get a true feel of the project bike as the C109RT's throttle/power response is far greater than any cruiser I have ridden to date (except for the M109R of course). Remember, we are not talking sport bikes here.
August 25, 2008 –Wet weather and the C109RT: The 240 rear tire and massive torque is the only two factors causing me to mention caution when wet weather riding the C109R. I've ridden many years in the rain, even snow (Seattle!) and have a bit of experience doing so. The C109 handles the wet well. Stock tires do their job, although the higher you climb up the side walls the less traction you have to work with. Be very gentle on the throttle as the torque will kick that rear tire loose faster than one can blink. The weight helps keep it stable as does a steady hand. I'm not convinced my windscreen is tilted forward enough as I get a tad bit of buffeting around the top of my helmet, so an adjustment will happen there, and the lowers may need a bit of redirection as I had rain coming up under my face shield on a 3/4 helmet. How it got past the windscreen, and lowers is beyond me, but it was coming down in buckets and I was riding at steady 55-65mph, 2 up, large rear bag. My old Intruder 1500LC with Dunlop tires was the stickiest bike I have every ridden in the rain so my reservation about this C109RT is because the comparison is almost unfair.......I could scrape my boards in the rain on the LC the way I had it set up....... not so the C109RT......not yet anyway!
August 18, 2008
–My oh My! WARNING: DO NOT ride one on one with an accomplished crotch rocket rider in the twisties unless you have enough composure to maintain your line and speed no matter what!!!!! I knew this but with temptation and power as available as they were I refrained from grabbing more throttle than I knew the C109RT could handle. I done good.... common sense and self control prevailed!!!!! I will live to ride another day. The C109RT has no floor board tickler on the right side, but there is a fragment left on the left side, barely! Let me just tell you this bike will pull corners very very nicely for a cruiser (it's not a crotch rocket). The frame is strong with almost no flex, even at triple digit corners. Tires hang on very nicely barring tar strips and painted crosswalks and power exiting corners helped the C flow into the next corner setup with confidence. If I changed anything it would be to raise the floor boards, but after looking at the rear tire and seeing no visible 'chicken strips' I may rethink the floor board changes.
August 7, 2008
–Just a short note today.... ordered the K&N filter for the M109R to see how well she fits on my C109RT. In the mean time I performed some volume calculations, intake hole diameters and added some guesswork and it doesn't look like the addition of just a K&N will add much more than the ease of a cleanable air filter to the mix for either the M or C models. I came across this same diagnosis on the C50, but don't be dismayed. I will dyno the C with the K&N and will either be proved wrong or right. Either way I am designing a setup that will breathe much better and get me closer to that all important goal of 120/120 at the rear tire. That's a 20% increase which doesn't sound impossible it just may require a bit of work and some creative tinkering.
August 6, 2008
– Enough with the boring MPG reports, except for this one time to note I recorded consecutive 48, 49, 50mpg readings on a ride this past weekend leading a group of 14 bikers over a couple mountain passes in the 60-70mph ranges. Moving on..... I am tackling the new Air Filter Mod and should have some updates this month. For those of you that may not be aware mods can take awhile due to fitting issues and making all things work well with sensors and the like. My plan is for an easy to install and narrower profile cover to allow for a bit more leg width room and less width to the bike..we'll see! A Hiway Bar is also in the final drawing stages with mock-ups this month (I need variable leg room). Passenger peg extenders have been tested and although the mock-ups were very ugly they performed flawlessly and were in the proper location. Now to make them on the 'appealing' side and getting them into production. Riding Season doesn't make any of this easy as I ride a lot and there is a definite time conflict going on here! LOL Rider Backrest is almost mocked up as well and will be a great improvement so I don't have to 'build-up' a backrest when solo riding out of several bags, bungies, and the like. Blog entries will become more regular as the 'Big Rides' are all almost behind me, most the rest are weekend jaunts. I am amazed at how many contact me regarding this Blog and are following the progress, or lack there-of. I like to typing and this seemed a good way to minimize some email questions as I get tons a day. Thanks for your interest, I'll try to be more frequent in the future.
July 30, 2008
–It's been a long week, but we managed to squeak an Alaskan Cruise in as well. I rode a motorcycle while in Alaska and can now add that to my personal Ride Patch...Yehaw! The C109RT did GREAT with the new adjustments to the Bully and leading more than 20 bikes around daily rides in Washington State. Mileage readings ranged from a low of 38mpg(averaging 80-85mph over a 3,500' pass up to 120mph on an adventurous roll on with a wing or two, oops!) to a high of 49.2mpg (over a 5,400' pass easy 45-65mph riding and no wild roll ons). I am excited about the mpg's, throttle response and over all performance. I feel I have a good basis to compare to once I start opening up the intake and exhaust for even great performance. My goal is to keep the mpg's in the 40 range and increase rear wheel numbers to the 120/120 range. There are no plans to go internal on this engine. I have been successful increasing the numbers on the C90 by 36% with proper intake, exhaust and Bully Controller mods and maintain a smooth operating ride all at the same time. The passenger foot peg extenders and rough mocked up floor boards worked very nicely, no to make them a bit more sleek and attractive. The riders backrest never made it to the bike in time nor did my design for a rider highway bar foot rest adaptation. I'll have more on those in August. I have another 2 day ride this weekend training a new group of 15 or so in the fine art of group riding (no 129mph jaunts this least not with the group!!!! LOL). Now that the Bully Controller is dialed in more attention will be paid to air filter/intake mods and if I can't negotiate for an exhaust system soon I may tackle manufacturing that as well (I've always wanted a custom 2 into 1 with a very deep, mild note that would increase power across the band and really growl when asked or just remove the baffle and be obnoxious...your choice)
July 11, 2008
–Saturday the 12th starts a one week riding vacation on the C109RT. I'll be leading a group of more than 20 bikes through some of the best roads Washington State has to offer. Venturing off in a different direction each day. This will also be a great opportunity to check the new settings on the Bully FI Controller. It performed well in Canada last month, but I have made some additional tweaks as I found I had short changed the Pulse Width then readjusted one of the throttle pressure switches to give more leeway for future add on adjustments. With these changes and some city-hiway-traffic miles on this tankful she still managed to roll into the 90 mile mark before coming off full on the fuel gauge! The passenger peg extenders will be done tomorrow (version #3) and if they work like planned they'll be going into production in August. My riders backrest is almost complete as well. Off to testing and the like. Will recap in a couple weeks!
July 7, 2008
–Tomorrow I'll be fabricating a test version of the revised passenger peg lowers. They are somewhat complex, but will allow passenger legs to stretch down and forward about 6". Also fabrication of a stealth version of Hiway Pegs are almost complete. This is a no crash bar version and are separate for each side of the front. They also will accommodate future running/driving lights. A riders backrest is also in the works and all these should be in use next week when I got for a week long ride/test/group ride through the Pacific Northwest . The New GBushing (shifter bushing) will also get it's first c109RT test as it has been receiving rave reviews form the C90/C50 & LC over the past couple weeks and is currently back ordered more than 3 weeks due to it's popularity.
June 30, 2008
–Potential product R&D continues with the first copy of the new passenger foot peg extenders needing more relocation for my wife of 5'-5" or anyone taller. These extenders are not a simple design. Suzuki complicated things by making these a bolt on unit and need to be made from 1/4" steel which will be powder coated and made with compound angles and more. I'll have version #2 fabricated very soon with maybe even a floorboard design to compliment the ride. The risers are in the final stages of design. The luggage rack is being designed on a slightly different scale than normal utilizing the wider rear fender. Still sketching up ideas for front foot rests as hiway bars are not an option for me right now. I'm working on an open intake system protected from weather and still allowing for max air flow. Pipes are on the table as well, just not sure if I'll be doing my own or by someone else. So much to do and ride at the same time........yehaw!!!!!!!
June 24, 2008
–Rode 1,800 miles in just under 4 days and what a ride. Conditions ranging from 40+mph head winds to some of the best twisties Canada has to offer, even an hour or two of rain added to the mix and the C109RT handled it with ease. I recorded mpgs ranging from 32mpg riding at 85mph average loaded with bags to 52.2mpg solo in the twisties on an easy group ride. Average for the entire trip (strong headwinds for more than 300miles) netted a very respectable 38.7mpg. This ride allowed me to test the Bully FI Controller for the Bone Stock C109RT and YES I can eliminate the annoying surging from the factory lean condition and it allowed for fine tuning to the 50+mpg's I experienced more than once on this trip. I am eager to dive into some air filter and intake mods and if I can find an exhaust system I like put a Stage 3 setup and really get into the Bully tuning process. I almost forgot. I ran her on a Dyno before I departed and recorded 100/100 at the rear tire ( actually it was 98/98, but this dyno runs a bit low so it's almost fair to average it up to a more even number) LOL. More on the dyno and future plans later, lets' just say I have a target of 120/120 without internal motor mods.
June 2, 2008
–Installed the JSD add on to eliminate the factory detuning of gears 1-3 and boy does it change the throttle response of the C109T!!! One must be gentle handed and have a firm grip to keep centered on the bike. I did notice a lean condition with the stock setup, which is to be expected on any Suzuki (and other new bikes for that matter). I plan on installing the Bully and adding a tad of fuel at different settings to see if I can smooth out the light surging I have been feeling at steady throttle. I will be dynoing it in it's stock format for a base line and then dynoing at each add-on I do. The JSD will have no affect on the dyno as I dyno in 4th gear which is not limited from the factory by Suzuki. This bike is the closest to a crotch rocket you can get and still be comfortably sitting back in your seat!
May 28, 2008
–This past weekends ride netted almost 700 miles of 2-up riding, including extra baggage and several mountain passes. Overall MPG’s averaged 40 with power to spare in every situation. It was difficult to remember to down shift at times to eliminate strain on the drive train, even 2up and loaded. There was one 35 mile ‘solo’ jaunt that allowed for some higher than average speeds. Even at 125mph the power band was effortless (this was obviously on a closed course track, what else!). Even the VTX1800, GL1800, HD Ultra and GL1500 that witnessed this ‘jaunt’ took note of the C’s power, even if from way back in the pack somewhere.
May 23, 2008
–After a week of measuring, fitting and adjusting (R&D) for a better fit to my liking we installed 3” pull back risers designed for the C90. I was not pleased with the stability of the new risers nor the additional pull back which netted an inch gain due to the C109R’s stock riser’s style(we will work on something better). We extended the passenger pegs 6” forward after much fabrication, this is not a simple bolt on change and is encumbered by the stock exhaust system. Initial comments are the rear seat sits high, but the backrest is great once one gets familiar with its swivel pad feature.
May 16, 2008
–After walking around the new C109RT many times and performing a thorough inspection we took her for our first test ride....smooth, strong and very powerful. She’s only 2” longer than the C90 her smaller, older brother, and shares no parts except the floor boards. She arrived with 300 miles on the clock due to earlier magazine photo ops. Maybe we’ll see the ‘C’ in future editorial write-ups? Initial ride was surprising, not heavy, but nimble will little to no extra effort required to lay the 240 tire into the twisties. Power was solid and formidable at any rpm in any gear, even a 45mph roll on in 5th created no real hesitation. Bars are a bit of a reach, but the boards are a perfect fit any leg except maybe those short in stature.
May 14, 2008
–After much anticipation our 2008 C109RT project bike sporting its Grey/Black skins arrived direct from Suzuki America. If looks are anything size does matter. WOW!!!!
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