Brisk USA Spark Plugs Suzuki C90 05

Brisk USA Spark Plugs Suzuki C90 05
Brisk USA Spark Plugs Suzuki C90 05
Brisk-USA Performance Spark Plugs from GMan have added 2hp and shortened 'spool-up' time for quicker, faster and more power roll-ons while increasing fuel mileage by more than 10%. All simply by changing your current spark plugs to Brisk Performance Plugs! More details...
MSRP: $69.98
GMan's Price: $54.98
You Save: $15.00 (21%)

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High Performance Spark Plugs



Just by adding a set of Brisk USA Spark Plugs in place of OEM Spark Plugs Horse Power on our test bike peaked a full second faster with 2 more horses than before. We're talking going faster, quicker with more power.

That's not all! 

Just by adding a set of Brisk USA Spark Plugs in place of OEM Spark Plugs the AF Ratio leaned out slightly. Without making any setup changes we saw a more than 10% decrease in fuel consumption. We're thinking if we richen up the A/F mix slightly we can gain even a bit more power. Logically speaking...

Teck Talk:The Brisk Spark LGS Plugs unique semi-surface discharge electrode fire a much larger spark plug gap with about 2/3 of the spark gap gliding along the surface of the insulator requiring less energy than the traditional air-gap style plug. This longer discharge makes for more connection with the A/F mixture, igniting more molecules in a larger area for increased efficiency and performance. Air fuel mixture varies in concentration throughout the combustion chamber. Brisk masters this effect with a 360 degree perimeter silver firing tip focusing spark discharge at the point of best air fuel composition for best possible ignition. Unlike conventional spark plugs that spark at a single confined point.



Black Line = New Brisk USA Spark Plugs.     
Red Line = OEM Spark Plugs. 
No other changes were made.
Chart shows:
(For Comparisons Only, NOT C90 2005-2010: Indian Scout, GMan Performance Intake & Bully EFI Controller w/Stage 1 Exhaust.)
  • - Brisk Plugs Shortened 20 to 120mph throttle roll-on time by 10% (1 sec)!
  • - Brisk Plugs Increased Horse Power by 3% (2 HP)!
  • - Brisk Plugs Leaned Air/Fuel Mix for More Complete Combustion netting better Economy and MPG's!
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