Bully Bar Mount M109R

Bully Bar Mount  M109R
Bully Bar Mount M109R
Brand: GMan
GMan's NEW M109R Bully Handlebar Mount. Places the Bully EFI Controller on your Handle Bars where you can see and adjust at will. Click here More details...
MSRP: $74.72
GMan's Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $59.95
You Save: $14.77 (20%)

Product Details

Bully Controller Handlebar Mount
For M109R's Larger 1-1/4" Bars

The Bully Handlebar Mount allows positioning of the Bully Controller on the M109R's 1-1/4" handlebar. Giving you full use of all your Bully FI Controllers features such as LED Light activity and 'adjust-on-the-fly' tuning of your Bully Controller.

GMan's Exclusive Bully Handle Bar Mount is made of High Strength TPO. The Bully Controller wiring harnesses allows for positioning front center of the Handle Bars.
The Bully Controller's built in safety features insure against someone 'borrowing' your Bully Controller without your permission (wiring is permanently attached and all Bully's are specific to each make and model of bike).


Shipping/Handling Information:
Ships within 2 to 5 Business Days


The Bully Handlebar Mount 2 is covered under GMan Industries 2-year Warranty.
Click for details on the 2-year Warranty and enjoy with confidence!
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