Complete Stg 4.0 Kit (GMan Exhaust Only)

Complete Stg 4.0 Kit (GMan Exhaust Only)
Brand: GMan
WARNING: GMan Limited Edition Complete Stage 4.0 Kit, FOR EXTREME USE ONLY. Our Stage 4.0 Kit is for use with the GMan Performance Exhaust ONLY!!! Due to the Extreme Performance Enhancing nature of our GMan Performance Exhaust we have developed this Stage 4.0 Kit. This Kit WILL NOT function properly with other exhaust systems and is designed for Track, Off Road Racing and may require Clutch Upgrades depending on frequency of use. More details...
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Product Details

GMan 'Limited Edition' Complete Stage 4.0 Kit

For Use ONLY with our

GMan Performance Exhaust!!!


The Suzuki Intruder VL1500 1998 - '04

This Limited Edition Stage 4.0 Complete Kit is designed for use ONLY with our GMan Performance Exhaust! This kit will not work with any other exhaust system we have tested and is intended for Track, Racing and other NON-Street Use and may require performance clutch upgrades for effective placement of this power to the rear tire.

Complete Stage 4.0 Kit Includes:

GMan's Custom K&N Air Filter - GMI-1598:
This is a GMan Exclusive Open-Top air filter that fits directly in the stock air box. Stage 4.0 requires the bottom center of the air box to be cut out to match the inside dimensions of the air filter to gain access to air that can be choked off to the air box at the higher rpm ranges!

GFilter Kit:
High Flow Cleanable Fuel Filter.
This kit is a GMan Exclusive and is easily cleanable anytime, anyplace eliminating the possibility of being stranded by a plugged fuel filter. This Kit also reduces the fuel supply line routing length by 70%. Cleaning up the fuel line system 'mess' under the seat.

Mikuni Stage 4.0 Jet Kit:
Genuine Mikuni Jets to match the Mikuni carb and your elevation. 2ea Main Jets, 2ea Pilots Jets and 2ea Shims per Needle, 2ea Special Application Mikuni Double Tapered Needles (the heart of Stage 4.0). Mikuni Aluminum Needle longevity has been proven for years in these carbs.(These are NOT the Original Mikuni Needles for these carbs)

Why Move up to the GMan Stage 4.0?
The Standard Stage 3 and GMan Stage 3.5 work very well with our Performance Exhaust, but there's times very well and excellent just aren't enough. That's when Stage 4.0 becomes a must. Whether it's merging onto the race track, pulling out the #4 Up Hill Sweeper or simply overtaking the competition (on the track of course) the Stage 4.0 has that extra mid to high rpm pull that says 'Take me to the Moon'!

Stage 4.0 has an additional 15% power in the 2,500-5,000rpm over most Stage 3 setups depending on the pipes being compared. The Stage 4.0 also has a 5%-6% increase over the Stage 3.5 at the top rpm range, around the 5,000+ rpm mark! Translating into a substantial advantage when running hard thru the gears in a race on the track, of course. Running thru the gears now becomes a challenge to see if you can shift before hitting the rev limiter. Why? She is spooling up much quicker, adding tons of power in the mid to upper rpm range and changing the entire feel for when to shift. No worries, you will eventually get use to the added power and disappearing views in your mirrors. It all happens much quicker with the Stage 4.0. So quick in fact that there is some concerns High Performance Clutch Springs may be on your list of improvements that will be needed, not just desired.
Be warned we have found that fuel consumption can be reduced in Stage 4. This is most likely the result of operator's riding style and may have a little to do with the 30 main jet size increase the Stage 4.0 has over the stock carb setup!  
Just when you thought there was nothing more to be gained from the fine tuning of the Suzuki VL1500....we mess with the status quo! Get use to it, that's what we do at GMan Industries and have for over 10 years now!!!!

Shipping/Handling Information:

Ships within 2 to 5 Business Days

All GMan Parts are covered under a 2-year Warranty.
Click for details on the 2-year Warranty and enjoy with confidence!
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"Runs like a BEAR"

on 4/6/2018 5:31:13 PM


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Review: I have a 99 VL 1500 with stage 4 jetting, needles, fuel filter upgrade, K & N open top air filer. Air box scoop, iridium plugs, GPops, Dyna 3000 ignition. Bike starts way quicker. Throttle response is better. Bike no longer sounds like a metric bike. Bike is a blast to ride. I would definitely recommend skipping stage 3 n just go to 4 if you have GMan Exhaust.

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