Dunlop White VL1500

Dunlop White VL1500
Dunlop White VL1500
Brand: Dunlop
Motorcycle Tire Set, Whitewall, for the Suzuki VL1500 with the best traction and handling of any we have tested. It's what we run! More details...
GMan's Price: $579.98
Sale Price: $564.95

Product Details

Dunlop White Wall Motorcycle Tire Set
Suzuki Intruder 1998-2004, VL1500 LC
The Best Performance Tire Combination for the Suzuki LC!!!

Front: D404 150/80-16
Rear: K555 170/80-15
This Tire Set is White Wall
  • Superior Traction on Wet and Dry Roads
  • Superb Handling for increased Stability & Safety
  • Offset Center Groove for excellent straight line stability
  • Smooth, Stable, Confident, Comfortable Ride
  • Tubeless, Bias-ply Construction

We've chosen this combination of Dunlop White Wall Tires due to their proven Handling, Traction and Reliability on the Suzuki VL1500 for all types of riders in all weather conditions.

Many OEM Bridgestones cup after 5,000 miles, not the Dunlops!
Some motorcycle tires over lean in corners requiring dangerous mid corner corrections, not the Dunlops!
Your motorcycle tires slip on wet roads causing that 'pucker factor'? Not the Dunlops!
Want maximum traction on Dry roads? You got it with the Dunlops!

View our short 4 min video detailing rear tire removal and reinstallation.

GMan along with many, many Suzuki LC riders logging hundreds of thousands of miles on this exact motorcycle tire combination with excellent results. When it comes to finding the 'perfect' combination of tires for your VL1500 LC look no further, they are right here!


Shipping/Handling Information:
Ships within 5 to 7 Business Days
Canada and International Shipments are Subject to Additional Costs

Dunlop Tires Covered under Dunlop Specific Warranty.
All Claims to be made to 'Dunlop Tires' directly.
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