GBat Suzuki C50, M50

GBat Suzuki C50, M50
GBat Suzuki C50, M50
You've heard about the GBat for the Boulevard C50 / M50, GMan's modified Odyssey PC535, now it's time to get one for yourself... More details...
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GBat Motorcycle Battery, Boulevard C50, M50

ALL GBat's are on SPECIAL ORDER status and may take 4+ weeks to get in stock depending on availability, along with the ability to combine with other GBat orders!!!

Modified by permission from Odyssey the PC535 for the Suzuki Boulevard C50, M50.

This battery has a massive 535 cranking amps for the first 5 seconds, the ability to be recharged over and over again, sports a Military Grade design handling the vibration a V-twin can throw at it and has the deep cycle nature to keep going when all others fail. 

Odyssey Motorcycle Batteries, designed to handle extreme vibration, can be mounted in any position except upside down. Designed to handle high amperage charge inputs, but don't play well with low powered 'battery tender' type chargers. Chargers for Odyssey batteries should be 6amp minimum input, designed for This Plate Technology, Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries and approved by Odyssey per their website.

Odyssey Batteries are made here in the USA - View that process by clicking this picture! 

The GBat fits snugly in the Boulevard C50, M50 battery box without alterations for a great addition to your motorcycle.

Considering an application other than listed? Compare these GBat's dimensions:
Width (5-7/8"), Depth (3-3/4"), Height (6-1/8")
If your battery box will fit this size battery we have what you need!


Shipping/Handling Information:



All Odyssey Batteries are covered under Odysseys 2yr Warranty
For more details click here and enjoy with confidence!

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Review: Reviewed about a dozen different batteries to replace OEM Bat in '13 C50T which was expected to die this winter. Bought the GBAT PC535 and after putting it on charge to top it off I noticed how quick it started my bike and has done the same for the past few weeks since installing it. I initially found it would not fit my battery compartment but after asking the GMAN and getting his advice it worked like a charm. Thanks, Gary!

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