GMan High Performance Medium Volume Baffle

GMan High Performance Medium Volume Baffle
Brand: GMan
GMan's PERFORATED Performance Baffle Combination is the more 'Subdued' of our two Baffle Options. MEDIUM or INTERMEDIATE is how we refer to this baffle. Both baffle designs create the same Handlebar Gripping Power, with same Performance and Mileage characteristics and the same Distinctive Deep GMan Sound! More details...
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GMan's Price: $99.89
Sale Price: $89.95
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Product Details

GMan Performance Exhaust Baffle
"Intermediate Baffle Version"
This is our Perforated Baffle with INTERMEDIATE Deep and Powerful Sound Levels!

GMan's MEDIUM PERFORATED BAFFLE create the Medium volume without Sacrificing Power!!!
GMan's Free Flowing Exhaust Requires NO Tune-Up Change between both baffle options!!!
GMan's Exhaust with both Baffle Option will improve Performance, Sound and Mileage!!!

GMan's Performance Exhaust Baffle 'PERFORATED INTERMEDIATE VERSION' fits GMan Performance Exhaust Systems allowing for baffle change between medium and loud without requiring tune-up or setup changes between the baffle changes. 
GMan Performance Exhaust Baffles are also Available in Loud.
Both baffle options create the same Smooth, Deep, Handlebar Gripping Performance. 
GMan Baffles change Volume without changing performance between both baffles.
With GMan Performance Exhaust you don't have to go loud to go powerful.
GMan Exhaust replaces any aftermarket system with deeper sound and more power.
(To Experience the Maximum Performance and Mileage with our Performance Exhaust please add one of our Performance Packages designed specifically for your model of bike, getting you the most from your exhaust purchase).

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Ships within 2 to 5 Business Days

All GMan Products are covered under GMan Industries 2-year Warranty.
Click for details on GMan 2 Year Warranty and enjoy with confidence!
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