GTank C90 Hose, Clamps & Connectors Kit

GTank C90 Hose, Clamps & Connectors Kit
Brand: GMan
Only the Highest Quality GTank Suzuki Boulevard C90 Replacement Kit to replace ALL GTank Hoses, Hose Connectors and Hose Clamps! GTank NOT Included, obviously. More details...
MSRP: $75.99
GMan's Price: $64.95
You Save: $11.04 (15%)

Product Details

GTank Hose, Hose Clamps and Connectors Kit

(For 2005-2010 Suzuki Boulevard C90)

This GTank C90 Hose, Clamps and Connectors Kit Includes All the Suzuki Boulevard C90 Replacement Hoses, Hose Connectors and Hose Clamps, GTank NOT Included. Each Part in this kit is GTank Original and includes Cut to Length Reinforced Marine Grade Hoses, All Stainless Steel Hose Clamps and All White Nylon Connectors. Only the best quality for the Best product for your Suzuki C90 Patented GTank!

(All Parts Included: All Fuel Lines, Stainless Steel Clamps and Nylon Connectors.)
(Does Not Include GTank or other Parts not listed above)

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(Ships within 2 to 5 Business Days)

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