Hard Krome C50 2005+ Side Burner

Hard Krome C50 2005+ Side Burner
Brand: GMan
Hard-Krome Sideburner is a 2:1 design, featuring Double Wall Technology. Combine HK's Sideburner's with GMan Bully EFI Controller for additional savings and increased performance. More details...
MSRP: $899.95
GMan's Price: $875.95
You Save: $24.00 (3%)

Product Details

Hard-Krome 4" Sideburner

Specifically for:

Suzuki Boulevard C50, C50T 2005+

Hard-Krome Motorcycle Exhaust - Guaranteed Not to Blue.

Hard-Krome's 4" Sideburner:
HK's Sideburner features 4"diameter turn out pipe. This 2:1 design is HK's signature pipe giving your bike that Top Fuel Dragster look. Featuring HK's patented Double Wall Construction, also Guaranteed for one year NOT to Blue.

Available in either Chrome or Black, You Choose!

*Guaranteed not to blue. We are so confident that our pipes won't blue that we a 1-year guarantee against bluing on all double wall pipes we manufacture.

(NOT Available for sale in State of California unless for Off Road use Only)

Shipping/Handling Information:

(Ships With in 3-5 Working Days When In Stock)

All Roadburner Products covered under Roadburner specific warranty.
All Return Inquiries to be made directly to Roadburner, Inc. Toll Free: 888-484-7620

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