Indian Scout 60 Bully Controller

Indian Scout 60 Bully Controller
Brand: GMan
GMan's EFI Controller 'The Bully' plugs in without requiring Downloads, Maps, or Additional cost. Click for More details...
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GMan's Price: $334.95
Sale Price: $319.95
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Product Details

Indian Scout 60

Bully EFI Controller

GMan's Gen 3.5 EFI Controller has More Features for added Performance!

GMan's 'Gen 3.5' Bully EFI Controller is dialed in for our Performance Intakes or any intake that allows for maximum air flow. Simply plug it in and ride. No dyno tuning required or recommended.

Special Features setting GMan's Gen 3.5 apart:
1) Adjustable Accelerator Pump insuring quick launches without hesitation.
2) Cruising Range adjustment for better mileage at those higher speed cruises.
3) Stand alone Idle Mixture adjustment for Idle - 1500 rpm. No Idle-Mix compromise.
4) Adjust on the Fly by simply pushing a button for immediate results without down time.

Bully is preset for Open Intake / Aftermarket Exhaust and can be adjusted by a push of a button anytime the ignition lights are on, whether riding or not.
For the Tuning minded the GMan Bully processor diagnoses at more than 80 times per second, displays with 8 Color changing LED's allowing for real time analysis and adjusting while riding. Plus a slim design that is water resistant and can be fitted almost anywhere.

The 'Bully' EFI Controller puts the control of your Performance in your hands, where it belongs!! 

Tuning Note: Fuel Injection Systems do not automatically adjust to Intake/Exhaust Upgrades!

It doesn't get any better than GMan's Gen 3.5 Bully Controller,
especially when matched with GMan's Performance Intake!

"Please use our Adjust-on-the-Fly feature responsibly and safely!"

Buy our GMan Bully Handle Bar Mount to assist with the Bully EFI Controller's adjust on the fly feature.

Shipping/Handling Information:
Ships within 2-3 Days

The Bully Controller is covered under GMan's 2-year Warranty.
Click for details on the 2-year Warranty and enjoy with confidence!
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