Mikuni Jet Kit Stg4 GMan Exhaust

Mikuni Jet Kit Stg4 GMan Exhaust
Brand: GMan
GMan Stage 4 Kit, FOR EXTREME USE ONLY, and only with our GMan Performance Exhaust and GMan K&N Air Filter Applications. Stage 4.0 WILL NOT work with other Exhaust System, NO EXCEPTIONS! Please do not attempt use other than as stated herein as results will be unacceptable. More details...
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GMan Stage 4.0 Jet Kit


Suzuki Intruder VL1500 '98 - '04

WARNING: ONLY for use with GMan Performance Exhaust and GMan K&N Air Filter!

This Stage 4.0 Jet Kit is ONLY for those wanting to go extreme with their GMan Performance Exhaust. This is not for the faint of heart and may require clutch and/or clutch spring upgrade at some point.
The heart of our GMan Stage 4 Jet Kit is the upgraded Mikuni Aluminum Double Tapered Needles which have allowed for super fine tuning of the Suzuki VL1500 Carbs. They are the same needles that enabled Stage 3.5 tuning resulting in superior performance and mileage. Stage 4.0 uses much larger main jets due to the required Air Box Mod's that allow more air to reach our GMan Large Capacity Air Filter.
Stage 4.0 will increase performance in the upper middle to top end of the RPM range over Stage 3.5, and across the rpm range over Stage 3.0. We have also experienced a decrease in fuel economy with Stage 4.0 which may be mostly due to the inability for any of our testers to ride gentle with the added performance!

SPECIAL NOTE: GMan Stage 4.0 requires stock air box mods and we are developing an under box air scoop to direct cool air into the air box. We expect this scoop to be available mid Spring 2014.

GMan Stage 4 Jet Kit is designed ONLY for the GMan Performance Exhaust/Custom K&N Air Filter!!

GMan's Stage 4.0 Jet Kit Includes:
  • 2ea Mikuni Main Jets (Size Varies per Elevation)
  • 2ea Mikuni Pilot Jets (Size Varies per Elevation)
  • 2ea Shims for the Upgraded Mikuni Needles
  • 2ea Upgraded Mikuni Double Tapered Aluminum Needles

As always when changing exhaust pipes make sure to use new crushed exhaust gaskets as exhaust popping can occur otherwise.

If your carbs are not currently setup for GMan Stage 3 and/or have after market stainless steel needles installed, we highly recommend our Needle Jet Rebuild Service to insure a proper running bike.

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All GMan Products are covered under GMan Industries 2-year Warranty.
Click for details on GMan 2 Year Warranty and enjoy with confidence!
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