O2 Sensor Eliminator Suzuki M90 2009-2012

O2 Sensor Eliminator Suzuki M90 2009-2012
Brand: GMan
Oxygen Sensor Eliminator(2 wire version). Eliminates the O2 Sensor feature on M90 2009-2012 if equipped with a 2(two) wire O2 Sensor. Add our EFI Controller (Bully) plus this O2SE and adjust for max performance. It simply plugs in! More details...
MSRP: $59.74
GMan's Price: $53.95
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Product Details

Oxygen Sensor Eliminator (O2SE)
a.k.a. O2 ByPass
Suzuki Boulevard M90, 2009-2012

Keep the O2 Sensor from Fighting with the Fuel Injection Controller!
Regain 100% control of your FI Controller and FI System!
Simple, Quick, Easy Plug-n-Play Installation?

  • No Special Tools Required!
  • Two Each, Two Wire O2 Sensor Version!
  • Can be installed in minutes without tools!

GMan ~ Oxygen Sensor Eliminator (O2SE)(2 wire version):
Suzuki manufactures their M90 2009-2012 with O2 Sensors to detect exhaust gasses. The O2 Sensors can conflict with an aftermarket FI Controller resulting in poor performance. Many FI Controllers are programmed to add fuel at various times while the O2 Sensor will remove that added fuel to fit a pre-programmed factory setting.

Add GMan's Oxygen Sensor Eliminator (O2SE)(2 wire version only) to win the battle between the factory O2 Sensor and your EFI Controller, gaining the performance you want for your Suzuki Boulevard M90.


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