Performance Intake Suzuki M50 2009+

Performance Intake Suzuki M50 2009+
Suzuki Boulevard M50 - 2009+ Performance Intake utilize the OEM Intake Cover, but is completely open providing Full Weather Protection while Maximizing Breathing and Performance! More details...
MSRP: $249.87
GMan's Price: $216.95
Sale Price: $184.95
You Save: $64.92 (26%)

Product Details

GMan Performance Intake
For: Suzuki Boulevard M50 - 2009 and newer
Featuring: Performance Intake w/Custom K&N Air Filter

The GMan Performance Intake for the Suzuki Boulevard M50 is a GMan Industries exclusive.
GMan's Performance Intake is difficult to picture when installed so imagine your Suzuki Boulevard M50 with the OEM air filter cover in place with the black OEM rear portion of the air filter assembly removed. Then imagine our GMan Computer designed Black High Performance Intake mated to a GMan Custom Large Round K&N hiding discretely under those OEM Air Filter Cover. This combination creates an all weather protected Performance Intake with Maximum air flow resulting in Maximum Performance.

The GMan Performance Intake and Custom GMan K&N is pictured without the OEM Air Filter Cover in place. Our Performance Design will fool friends, competitors and 'authorities', while giving maximum breathing equaling maximum performance when combined with our GMan EFI Controller, 'The BULLY'.

GMan Performance Intake installation is easily performed while your Suzuki Boulevard rests on it's side stand. The addition of our GMan EFI Controller 'The BULLY' is the highly recommended when adding these Performance Intake. The Bully is the only EFI Controller that comes pre-programmed for the Dual Performance Intake, your motorcycle will not operate satisfactorily without properly adjusted air/fuel ratios.

For Maximum Performance consider our GMan Performance Package which provides all necessary components; Performance Intake, Custom K&N, GMan EFI Controller(the BULLY), in one convenient package at discounted pricing.

We are so confident our Bully Controller is better than the competition we offer our Bully Challenge, which simply states 'try our Bully for 30 days, if you don't like it better than your current FI Controller, return it for a full refund plus a $50 in store credit for your troubles!'

Add the Handle Bar Mount for positioning the Bully on your bars in full view where you can see and adjust all modes while riding for instant tune-up advantages no other Motorcycle EFI Controller offers.

Shipping/Handling Information:
Ships in 2-5 Business Days

The Performance Intake is covered under GMan's 2-year Warranty.
Click for details on the 2-year Warranty and enjoy with confidence!
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