Performance Package Indian Scout 60 2016+

Performance Package Indian Scout 60 2016+
Performance Package Indian Scout 60 2016+
SKU: PF-BPIndScout60
Brand: GMan
Indian Scout 60 2016+ GMan Performance Package includes our New GMan 'Gen 3.5' Exclusive plug-n-play EFI Controller plus Custom Intakes and GMan Exclusive Large K&N Air Filter for a complete package with unmatched performance! More details...
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GMan's Price: $569.95
Sale Price: $509.95
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Product Details

Performance Package for Indian Scout 60 2016+
Exclusively for Indian Scout - 2015 and newer

GMan Package Includes: Bully 'Gen 3.5' EFI Controller, Custom Performance Intake and GMan Exclusive K&N Air Filter

GMan Performance Intake is our GMan original design benefiting from Indians Factory Engineered Large Clean Air Plenum, while eliminating the ultra restrictive Indian Scout OEM Intake. Result is maximum intake performance under all conditions. We reconnect the crankcase vent tube to our intake for positive venting of the crankcase. A MUST for all high rpm motors. This eliminates the messy crank tube filter used by many competitors! Our Intakes are designed for performance, not for show. They may have a few 'rough' edges to keep manufacturing costs down, but be assured they out perform the competition.

GMan's 'Gen 3.5' Bully EFI Controller is dialed in perfectly with our Performance Intake putting all that power to the ground efficiently and with an attitude! Our 'Gen 3.5' Bully included in this package made it's debut with the Indian Scout and has never looked back. It is so easy to install and operate, simply plug it in and ride. 

Special Features setting this package apart from all others:
1) Adjustable Accelerator Pump insuring quick launches without hesitation! 
2) Cruise Mileage adjustment for better mileage at those higher cruising speeds.
3) Separate Idle Mixture adjustment for idle to 1500 rpm. No more idle compromise.
4) Cruise Mixture adjustment not tied into the idle mixture for more control.

All Bully adjustments are as simple as a push of a button and can be performed anytime the ignition lights are on, whether riding or not.

All Bullys are programmed for maximum Power, Smoothness and Efficiency.

We are so confident GMan's Bully EFI Controller is the best, we offer our Bully Challenge. Try our Bully for 30 days, if you don't like it better than your current controller we'll refund your money plus a $50 in store credit for your troubles!
(See details of our Bully Challenge by Clicking the Link below)

"Please use the 'Bully' Adjust-on-the-Fly feature responsibly, so you can live to ride another day!"

Add GMan's Handle Bar Mount to place the Bully properly for feedback while you ride.
Giving you a distinct advantage over all other E.F.I. Controllers!

Shipping/Handling Information:
Ships within 2 to 5 Business Days


The Performance Package is covered under GMan's 2-year Warranty.
Click for details on the 2-year Warranty and enjoy with confidence!
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