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GMan Industries, Ltd - World Leaders in Suzuki Cruiser Performance

We ride, we create, we ride, we test, we ride, we design, we ride, we manufacture, we ride, we invent, we ride...
You get the idea!

Founder and President, Gary 'GMan' Ford began his two-wheel journey shortly after birth. Starting with bicycles which quickly progressed to motorized versions and mini-bikes, dirt bikes, 3 and 4 wheelers, street bikes and more all before his mid teens. A variety of 'used' motorcycles required tinkering, tuning, creating, improving, and much more just to keep them running, and run they did!

What started as a hobby and passion morphed into a business many years later following the overwhelming popularity of the first of many creative inventions..... The 'GTank' auxiliary fuel tank for the Suzuki Intruder VL1500 LC. This was officially the start of GMan Industries, Ltd. even though we know know it started many, many years earlier keeping a variety of motorcycles road worthy out of pure necessity.

Following the GTank came the permission by Odyssey to modify one of their most popular motorsports batteries to fit many other motorcycles, what is now known as the GBat. The GFilter, which was really the first product developed and sold, is a Cleanable High Flow Fuel Filter and a popular option for the Stage 3 and /or GTank outfitted motorcycle.; Then came the GBushing, CarbWorks Division, Bully FI Controller, Stealth Intakes, Custom K&N Air Filters, plus many, many other unique products specifically for the motorcycle cruiser market.

GMan Industries focus has always been on the Cruiser segment of the market. Creating products and improving performance beyond the imagination of the manufacturers.

With the global reach of our Internet-Based company we have established over 150 Dealers Worldwide, a Customer based newsletter reaching over 6,000 members and a very successful EBay Store making world wide availability of our creative products.

We are a customer service based company never forgetting our roots. We provide specific email addresses for Technical Support, Shipping Questions, Accounting Help, General Info or simply a personal note to GMan if that's your need. We even provide a toll free number making calling easy and free, during our normal business hours that is.

We take our Shipping Dept very seriously focusing our energies on maintaining our fast and friendly shipping service whether the order is for our neighbor or around the world. We do not limit ourselves, we will ship to anywhere that will accept the shipment.

At GMan Industries, Ltd., we are always working to expand our creative, unique products to all brands of motorcycles leaving no motorcycle brand wanting. If you have a unique product need or see where we may have left out your make or model, drop us a note. We are always ready to go to where ever you want to take us next.

~GMan & Co.

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