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"What a ride."

on 6/23/2009 4:52:24 PM


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Review: I got my Bully installed and what a ride. Thanks, Leon Apple

"I am very much pleased with the torque and performance."

on 5/4/2009 10:23:18 AM


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Review: The power is still there. As I said in the review, the torque comes on much earlier and hold on longer than before. It's still the torquremister. Mileage has NOT been affected like I thought it might be. Pulled 124.5 miles on 2.9 gallons yesterday. That's about 42 MPG while cruising up Hwy 9 and down Marine Drive on the return. I guess we were pulling 60 to 70 MPH most of the time. I am surprised. I expected to loose 3 to 5 MPG. We'll have to see what develops out on the freeway at higher settings. The V2K has always returned pretty good mileage as long as I hold the speed down. ......I am very much pleased with the torque and performance.

"This is way cool."

on 4/15/2009 10:48:38 PM


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Review: The Bully FI Controller, in combination with an open intake and the freer flowing Road Burner Double Eagle exhaust has improved the performance of my VN2000 considerably. In stock trim the V2K is impressive, running Stage 2.5 it is awesome! But, Stage 3 will rip your arms off and get the attention of anyone within hearing distance, or foolish enough to test you. I am running Stage 2.5 most of the time to keep peace in the neighborhood and am more than impressed with the performance. The Bully gives me the option of having all out power or trimming it back while out on the highway for better economy, without having to drag along a laptop. Compared to the other two controllers I have had on other Kawasaki cruisers, this one is the easiest to use and has resulted in the best power improvements. You haven't experienced raw power until you pull the baffles and let her rip. The V2K with open Road Burner Double Eagles, an open intake and a Bully FI Controller will surely result in turned heads and a grin that won't be easily removed. In either Stage 2.5 or 3 trim, the torque comes on much sooner and stays with the throttle much longer than before. And the power of the Stage 3 has to be experienced to be believed. “Stump puller” is no longer a euphemism. At 1500 rpm (just slightly above idle) you are pulling 90 ft lb of torque. Stock was 60 lbs. At 2000 RPM the motor is making 120 ft lb., stock was 105. Starting in 1st, if you grab some throttle and shift at about 3500 to 4000 you are going to be up to 90 indicated faster than you thought a V-twin could get there. It is amazing. Just amazing. Yep, I'm sold. Is there more to be had? Maybe with a different set of pipes. If I can slow down for a while, we'll try some other pipes. But, for now, this is way cool.

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