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on 4/18/2011 11:59:20 AM


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Review: Holly @^! on a stick! I FINALLY hit my 600 mile mark and did the first maintenance today. Once she was done I went to work on putting on all of my accessories & other stuff I have bought for her. My biggest excitement was the GMan Bully Package, which included the Stealth Intake. All I can say is wow. My setup is stock exhaust (just sold my V&H Cruzers, but going to buy Straight Shots soon.) I have the Bully set to Stage 2 for stock exhaust. The Stealth Intake is wicked looking. Looks just like the factory shield intake, but wide open in the back and a circle shaped K&N filter underneath. So I got er all done and headed out to the road. It was slow going at first to get out of the neighborhood, but even during that part of the ride I could feel the drive was way smoother, and the throttle was jumpier. It felt like the bike wanted to take off without me, but it was restraining itself. Finally I reached the main road. I made my turn, and opened it up.... (before I continue - what I expected was the normal "burry the throttle and the bike would kinda catch up to my throttle input" response. That is NOT what happened - LOL.) I dumped the throttle as hard as I could and the bike followed every inch of the throttle (no lag.) At half throttle I almost crapped myself and let go cause it felt like the bike was taking off without me! I also heard a really scarry sound - kinda like a plane diving, so I shut er down and pulled over. Once I stopped, I got off and took a look at the bike. After checking everyhthing out and getting back on and starting her up. I prepared myself much more this time. I braced hard, and grabbed ahold tight - and dumped the throttle. OMFG - The bike took off so hard I hit 45 before I had time to shift to 2nd. I ^@! you not! - 45 and I shifted to 2nd. Dumped the throttle again and I was at 70 and shifting to 3rd. The earlier sound I heard that scared me turned out to be every molecule of air with 30 feet of the bike being sucked into the Stealth Intake. You can actually feel it sucking your leg in closer to the intake! It sounds like a airplane engine when it's crashing! This setup is all I expected and more. I cannot wait to see what it is like once I get the StraightShots on! -Sam

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